The Weeknd

now, i dont know if you, the reader, knows who the weeknd is, but he is a canadian born RnB singer, and literally the reason you should start listening to music.

this guy is 25, and has already been referred to as the songbird of his generation. this dude has the voice on an angel, theres no better way to explain it. his vocals will make you ladies wet, and you guys dicks hard. hes that good.

if you do closer research on him, youll find that he left home when he was 17, on the weekend, hence the stage name, the weeknd. from the time that he was 17-25, he has written about 50 or some songs, and released about 4 albums, 2 in the same year.

when i say hes an RnB singer, hes not your average miguel, or usher, or trey songz, hes completely different. this man has tried every single drug known to man, and has been in so many women, he lost count at 2000. hes witnessed all night sex parties on at least 20 different kinds of drugs, hes been lifted, or course, who hasnt in the music industry, or anywhere to be honest.

if you dont actually want to take the time out of your day to actually search up some of his music, but want to know what its about, and for some reason you are reading my blog, then i will tell you. you already read how he has a voice of an angel, and that he has done many drugs, and had a lot of sex with a lot of girls, so i guess it would be safe to say you could infer what he sings about in his songs.

this man is an inspiration to millions, and is just as mysterious as it gets, only having live shows in small and desolate towns in canada, and sometimes in las vegas, but if you want to know more about him, you can search him up on google, and im sure if you are good at looking for things, youll be able to find some information on him.

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