Really Funny Rap

I’m the nigga, rose to fame, the leader of this legislature

I’m the nigga making yo bitch do tricks, lion tamer

I’m the one, least that’s what yo ex say, I’m the new least that’s what yo next say

Ima be here till I die, then ima reincarnate

Nigga I got nine lives, start to appreciate

All the things, in my life, that I get for free

A  young nigga born from social media

Yeah, that niggas me

I’m a revolution

The savior of our world

Any nigga try to stop me

Gunna be a mass execution


Cause ima make you work for it

Like a bitch for a treat

Ima make you dance for it

Like a bitch for some weed

Make you cry

Make you want me

Gone leave yo sorry ass

Make you need me

Ima make you tired

Ima make you freezing

Cause im the wind, mafucking breezy.