I Was Sick

I’m so bored, I don’t know what to do right now, I want to go ask my mom if I am going to stay home tomorrow, but I don’t know weather I should get up and leave my room or not. I risk my dad waking up, again, and bitching at us for being sick. Like it’s our faults we are sick. Our mom got sick, then we got sick, it’s not our faults, and we shouldn’t be blamed for something we don’t have control over. We don’t have control over our bodies’ immune system, we need medicine, home remedies, whatever, because our body is quite susceptible to infections.


It sucks because this week, I really wanted to go out with my friends, but now I don’t think I will be able to go because I was sick for a couple days, and the way my parents think is if you are sick during the school week, you are sick on the weekends. Its retarded and doesn’t make sense, I’d much rather stay home all week, and not go out on the weekends than go to school everyday and go out. That’s just my way of seeing things.


My parents have also turned off the Wi-Fi so I can’t see what homework I have, or had. I know that yesterday, technically, I had a really important drama performance that I had to miss because I didn’t go to school, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to act in the play because my voice was and still is totally shot.


I also know that I still have to finish a dialogue for English class by tomorrow as it is already late. The latter part of the school year, the majority of my assignments that I actually do turn in, I turn them in late, later than any student in the grade, but I do so because the teachers are very lenient with the system, and the idea of turning things in on time.


That actually gets me started on my philosophy of not believing in the idea of homework. Homework is just another thing school gives us to be mad about. If it weren’t for homework, I bet you most kids would be passing school, instead of failing it, or getting A’s in school instead of just being on the cusp, or the difference between a pass and fail. Homework is just added on to the amount of studying you might have to do for a certain class. For example, science: you have to come to class prepared with your notebook, graph paper, your notes from the previous day, a pencil, a pen, an eraser, and an open mind to whatever you are going to be doing that day, or over the span of a week, or other timeframe. Then, after science class, you will almost certainly have homework to reassure you of what you just spent an hour doing, and then you are supposed to study it. I believe that you should study your notes, but when the teacher forcefully adds on homework to the vast amount of studying you must do, then it puts more stress on the students rather than if the teacher assigned the studying, and left it up to them weather or not they would practice what they studied.


It puts a lot of stress on students, as well, when each and every class comes down on them with a fuck ton of homework. Ok, I get it, you want us to do well, but the teachers never talk about organizing, or scheduling certain events such as tests or quizzes, or when they give out homework, or weather they assign it or not. This causes miscommunications, and stress for the students as one day, they might have two or three homework assignments for a couple classes, but the next day, they have homework in every class, due by tomorrow to go along with several quizzes, which different classes quite often miss schedule to be on the same day.


Its crazy how easy things could be if teachers communicated with each other on how to organize such events, how to take stress off the students, who, in my opinion, would thrive on the idea of not having to do homework, but having the option to do it and to study newfound knowledge themselves, instead of being forced to do something, which they most certainly do rebel against.


Everything is, of course, easier said than done, but if we do practice what we preach, we can make progress in actually helping the student thrive, get the grades they can get, instead of constantly pressuring them and risking the burning out of their flame and will power to do well. I know, in my case, through past experiences, that homework can help, but when you have homework in a lot of classes as well as studying and quizzes to create a trio of “I’m going to fuck up for grades,” it can be stressful. I can understand how practice makes perfect, but it should be the students decision weather they practice their talents, or not.


It should be the student’s decision. Homework is very stressful when paired with studying, as well as more homework from different classes. It can lead to the burning out of a student, bad grades, and low confidence in oneself to get better grades. If schools reduce the amount of homework they give, they will definitely see a drastic change in grade fluctuation, and it most certainly will be positive.