Dumb Questions

i hate it when people ask me dumb fucking questions.

my parents just got home, and immediately, my dad asks if we are home. of course we are home, where are we going to go? we live ontop of a fucking mountain. 

its like, if you left the stove on cause you were cooking some crystal, and your dad comes home and asks you why is the stove on, its like, what the fuck, you thats such an obvious fucking answer to the dumbest question ive heard since like forever. its on because i left it on, dont ask me why, just know that its on, and that i left it on. 

now, my parents are the type of people where if they see a light on, they ask why its on, and who turned it on, either that or they just blame both me and my sister, and we both have to go up there and turn it off, which brings me to something new, actually. do your parents ever do that where they say that a lights on, and then they call one of you to turn it off. its like, are you fucking joking with me, you aint no criss rock nigga, if you are there and you have the ability to turn off the light, then do so. dont fucking expect me to come running to turn it off, im busy. seriously, and then they fucking complain about the electricity bill being so goddamn high, no wonder you fuck, its because you are so fucking stubborn to the point where you will waste money and wait for your child to turn off a light in a situation where you are near enough to the switch to turn it off, but you call your child to do so instead because “they turned it on” i say that sarcastically because most of the time, i dont even turn on the fucking light, and if i do, i turn it off as i leave the room. goddamn, another thing, i fucking hate it when i have the lights on in my room, and them my parents see it, and immediately run to turn it off to save the earth because no ones in the room, and then they ask if anyones in the room, of course i cant hear them when they mutter, so they turn it off, and then i come back to the room, and the lights are off. that just pisses me the fuck off, it makes no sense to me whatsoever, none at all. ANYWAY…..

the other day, i was in spanish, and the teacher asked me to say the answer, but i hadnt been listening, so i was pretty fucked, but then she asked me if i had been listening, which is basically a killer question, as i like to call them. a killer question is where there is no right answer, no matter what, you are fucked. women use this to basically bitch slap their men. now, im going to go off topic here and say women are the best detectives in the world. if you ask a dude whos had the same girlfriend forever, he will tell you the exact same answer. women will go to the ends of the earth to find the answer, no matter how simple it may seem. 

if your girl asks you where you have been, please guys, tell her the truth, because god knows she will find the answer one way or another, and you do not want to witness the true brutality of a woman like one who has been lied to. 

anyway, getting back to the real point of this post… i hate it when people ask me a question they already know the answer to. its fucking retarded, and in the end its just wasting their time. they spent time to think of a fucking question, and then asked me it, already knowing the answer, they willingly wasted their time to do so. thats time, and breathe they will never get back. they could have saved an african child in the time they took to ask me if i had done my homework. of course i havent done my fucking homework, have you seen my grades, i dont do homework, and thats another thing ill talk about later, but seriously, dont ask me questions you already know the answers to, its just wasting your time. and please dont get mad at me for answering  you with shut the fuck up, or you already know the answer so shut the fuck up. you brought that shit on yourself when you dared to ask me the question in the first place. thank you good night. 

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