its been shit, its been rough, but i never once stopped loving her. i never once left the conversation without saying goodbye. i never once kept her guessing does he love me, or does he love me not. i chose to stay, to stick with her because when you are in love, you do crazy shit, you do fucked up shit because you are in love. i would die for that girl, i would give her my life, just so she could keep hers.

ive never trusted someone so much, ive never given someone as much worth, or meaning, and now that whatever i had left has been broken; moving on, loving someone, trusting someone, caring for someone, those phrases arent in my vocabulary.

what was once a beautiful thing, is now a tarnished piece of what could have been, but never was.

i made a promise to always love her, and i dont plan on breaking it. i thought i had found the one, and to lose your world, to have it not taken away, but ripped away as if it were nothing to he; the hurt is worse when you love the person even more after all that they have done to you, all the pain they have caused.

i will never forget her, or what we had. i will never forget the way it used to be, and the way it could have been. people say it is better to have loved and lost to never have loved before, but when you meet that person who you cant live without, and finally find out after a year that youve only been wasting your time, then you will feel the pain, the hurt, the feelings pulsing through your brain, your heart, and your soul.

love is blind; you should never blame yourself for falling in love, but you should blame yourself for not being able to move on. im going to live with her name engraved into the side of my brain for as long as my heart is pumping, but im sad to say i was but a half of a relationship that never worked out to her.

ce la vi.


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