Be Sensible

when you are in a down dog facing position in life, the only thing you have to look forward to is having your face stuffed into the ground, and your ass pounded by some dude, or girl wearing a strap on either in the pussy, or the butthole. 

it hurts, i know, but its just what happens in those situations. its sensible not to end up in one of those positions where you are ultimately just fucked. having an idea of what you want to happen, and having the ability to carry out what you want done helps. having any sort of intelligence also assists nicely. 

today, i got in trouble for a spanish paper i had turned in. the principle comes and gets me during lunch, and takes me to his office. i go in, and i say, ohh, what did i do this time, and he shows me my spanish homework. in that split second in which i didnt know what i had done, i was thinking did i get cum all over it or something, but when he turned the page, my hear stopped, and i just saw this big fat cock that my friend had drawn. i had totally forgotten about the dick, and when it came time to turn in the homework, i just gave it to the teacher, forgetting that on the second page there is a big fat monster cock just bulging and pulsating out of the page like a fucking 3D movie. it was basically the size of sully when he was the monkey thing in avatar. 

i just look him dead straight in the eyes and i say, i didnt do that. because i didnt. i seriously didnt. even though i didnt do it, i wasnt sensible enough to actually make sure i remembered that he had drawn this cock on my paper, and taken care of it when i had private time, but i wasnt. i left it up to the elements, them being how fucking forgetful people are, and how obvious a big fat cock looks on a thin piece of paper. 

i then go on to say, if you want to punish me for this, go right ahead, it would save both of us time, or at least you time, and spare you a difficult decision when you can just suspend me for a bit right now. 

long story short, he calls me back into his office at a really inopportune time, i was taking my math test, and he just calls me in, and i just like, but when am i going to finish, anyway, i go in, and he tells me im going to be suspended for one day, which is friday, tomorrow. i really dont mind the suspension, i have at least 8 homeworks that i have to turn in by the end of the week, or by monday, so i really dont mind, but still, i got in trouble for something that i didnt do because i wasnt sensible enough to asses the situation. i didnt take the time out of my “busy” day to make sure i took care of that cock, and to make sure i finished the homework itself as it was originally a classwork, but was changed to homework when no one had finished it in class. 

im telling you this story because there will be a time, or for many of you unfortunate people, times, that you will have to deal with these types of situations, and you will have to go through the consequences of not being sensible enough to haven taken care of them when you had the chance, or chances. the system didnt fail you, your friends, or family, or anyone, they didnt fail you. the only noun you have to blame is yourself. 

this is a learning experience for me, and for all of you who have gone through things like this in the past that even though you might not have done whatever it is you got in trouble for, you werent sensible enough to take care of the situation, to handle it, to asses the damages. you didnt take the time to fix a problem that you knew was there, you were too focused on other and im assuming more important things that a possible expulsion charge. 

if you have had similar situations, make sure to tell me in the comments below, id love to hear them. make sure to check my blog for weekly posts, as im really trying to think straight right now, ive been in a really dark place, literally, the lights broke in my room, and there is no electricity running through the house. but ill make sure to update those of you who actually read this piece of shit, and i will make sure you are entertained in my absence. 

if you want to check out my, heres the link.


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