Pissed Off

im so fucking tired of being pissed off. its pissing me the fuck off. i dont get why everything has to be so hard. of course, everything is easier said than done, but people make it seem like going to the store to get some food in the rain is like the story of noah and his arch. 

seriously, i dont fucking get it. its the same with when you are talking with someone online. ok, you are talking with them for a little, but you almost always never have their full attention. sure, you may be able to keep a conversation going, but when the other person doesnt reply to you for maybe 5 minutes, its like a whole totally new conversation. im not saying everyone is guilty of this crime, but i will say that most of you are. 

when im talking to someone in person, i dont just pause for 5 minutes, and then come back to them and talk about what we were just talking as if i was there the whole time. no, i wasnt. its the same for online, you cant expect to have a conversation with a person who doesnt respond. thats just fucking retarded, and makes absolutely no sense.

i also hate it when people make excuses, and they are too busy making up the excuses to check if they seem legit or not. if you have a project due the next day, ok, thats great, go do that, im not as important as a project, sure, its not like we are always fighting or anything. but sure, go finish your project, its not like you have one everyday now, it seems, talk to me in an hour, hopefully youll be done by then, but theres no way of knowing if you dont tell me. but then, when you come back, its like you have a thousand other things you gotta do all of a sudden, on top of the project that you still havent finished. 

people fucking procrastinate the fuck out of everything. they leave no time for friends or family, and for the first time, ever, its not the schools fault for giving so much homework, its the students fault for not being able to finish the assignments when they have to, then they miss out on relationships. it really does take a toll on what may seem like important relationships, but when it comes to school, nothing is more important, that is true, and once everybody understands it, as hard as it may seem, we can all get over ourselves.

anyway, moving onto more things that piss me off. i hate it when teachers pick on students, i had this one kid in my class a couple years ago, and the teacher would always bull shit him about nothing. he could just walk into class, and automatically be late, even though he would come in with me, and im always early. its fucking dumb. i also hate it how teachers play favorites, i know that too well. i use to live in mexico, and my teachers would all have their favorite students. you know the little fucking teachers pets, suck your dick for an A. those anus holes. and the teachers would always use them like dead fish when luring sharks. they would just bait them, and it was sick, because the students only wanted to get an A, and the teachers were so impressed, they gave them the lavish job of cleaning up the classrooms, and wiping down the board, practically living with the teacher, being their in school maid. the students were of course so delighted to do these things, as they would always get an A, mmmmhhmhmmhm, i wonder why. 

i also hate it when people think they are above you, just because of their political views, or their jobs at work. ya, sure, you may be my boss at work, but you dont own me. we are equals, you are not better than me. you may have a diluted sense of thinking, thats fine, a lot of people are dumb, just dont hold it over my head that you are in a higher rank than me at work. outside of work, we are just the same people. you and me, basically brothers. so dont bull shit me about being better than me, this also goes for teachers, just because they have the authority over me, it doesnt mean they own me. sure, i have to follow a set amount of rules, but when you wip out the bull shit on me, hell to the no im going to listen to your bitch ass. just today, this fucking whore of a teacher comes out and tells us that we cant throw a football where we were, its a rule. i then saw the principle immediately after she had waddled away, and i asked him if it was a rule. he said no, its fine, just as long as you dont hurt anyone. theres an example of how teachers just think they can bull shit you, because they have the authority over you. NO. you absolutely cannot take that shit from anyone. 

i also hate it when we have talks in school about equal rights between men and women. we just had a talk about this in class, so i hope people remember what went down. we were talking about women make considerably less in the work place than men. if that were the case, there would be no men working, only women, because of course, who wants to waste money when you can save it. we were also talking about how women do less pushups, and i brought up the topic of how women never pay for the date, if you do ever get the chance to go out on a date with a woman, she should at least pay half of the bill. thats fine, i think its fine for women to not have to pay for the date also, but when a woman starts to preach the beliefs of feminism in my presence, but i know that she has never paid for the date, objected to doing less exersize than me in gym, and then tells me that woman should be treated better because they go through a period once a month, and it hurts like hell. if you wanted fucking equal rights, you wouldnt use that as a defense. come back to me when you have logical points, and a good argument, cause i aint listening to your bitch ass while you bull shit me under your mother fuckin breath, and interrupt me in class when im tryna make a point about how men and women are created equal, but how i dont and will never support feminists. the reason why is, well, i guess you are going to have to think about what i have said in previous blogs about this subject, i know i have talked about it a lot. 

ive just been really fucking pissed off at people these past weeks, more often than not, and i make the stupid fucking mistake of actually trusting them. i know, its fucking dumb. i have expectations for theses people, and im always mad about it. i cant get too close to a person because i risk getting hurt. i think its just best to go through life without friends, without a girlfriend or boyfriend, and just focus on you, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, in the future you could attempt to find love, but really, life is a hopeless place. motherfucking rihanna in this bitch, mindfucked yall.

if you like what you read, and or have similar views on these sorts of things, or are just generally pissed the fuck off at people, tell me about it in the comments. thanks for reading, and make sure to check weekly for updates. 


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