Seriously, Stop, Let Me Do Me

i dont like to be serious, its just one of those things i think that everyone is too much of, and should just calm the fuck down. people are always so serious about shit like racism, and poverty, and just about everything else in general. i mean, sure, there are problems in the world, but the reason there are so many is because everyone makes the biggest fucking deal out of literally everything. 

in life, i think its good to have a sense of humor, and not always be so tight butthole about everything. that gives off the wrong impression to people you are meeting for the first time. you could be wanting to get to know them, and trying to start a good conversation, when in reality, no one at a party, at least the ones i go to, wants to know about the current status quo. its just not something everyone is interested in, but a lot of people are really tight butthole about. 

in school, teachers and principals are always so strict about things like swearing, and about people cracking a couple funnies here and there. they absolutely have no tolerance whatsoever for the class clowns, or the ignorance of young adults. they might think they are setting a good example, but they are actually limiting the children. they are telling them what they can, and cant do. they are brainwashing them. they are badly influencing the children. they are telling them its not ok to be funny, its not ok to swear. thats completely the opposite of how you should think. 

you should be able to speak your mind, have a voice, have the confidence in yourself to do something about this bull shit. i know i do, because i have been through too much bull shit in my life, from school, to relationships, to home life, to friendships that im just done beating around the bush, doing what everyone else tells me to do. im ready to take a stand, and become my own person, and so should you.

you shouldnt have to conform to be the ideal student, the model child, you should be able to accomplish those things by being your own person, by being you, not someone else everyone wants you to be. 

stand up for what you believe in, stand up for who you are. be confident in yourself, and dont let anybody, ever, tell you that you cant do something because of so and so. you can, you can do it. believe in yourself when no one else will, thats something i always live by, and although ive steered myself wrong in the past, ive found solace in that saying. 

if you like what you read, make sure to check my blog for daily posts, and if you have something you would like to tell me, put it in the comments below, and i will respond to it as fast as i can. thank you for reading, it means the world to me. if you would like to check out my, heres the link, i like to post a lot of funny pictures there.


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