Morning Wood

guys will totally understand how i feel about this, women, just sit back and read slowly because this might be hard to relate to unless you have a huge clit, and you need to tuck that shit when you squat over the toilet seat. 

when dudes wake up in the morning, theres a big chance, literally, that we will have another head looking straight at them, and the urge to let lose of some bodily fluids. now, my dick sticks straight up, i dont know what kind of sideways cocks yall have, but this is the case for me. when i go to the toilet in the morning, i usually gotta pee, most dudes do, especially if you unloaded the night before, or the morning of. 

so when i get up to the toilet, and i got a 10 inch python sticking straight out, its hard to steer that shit, and unless you gotta flexible member, i dont think its going to be easy for you to control it either. and its totally unpredictable, so you dont know weather or not its going to be one main stream, or several streams going out all at once, in different directions, going everywhere but in the toilet water, and getting over everything around that shit. 

thats the least of guys problems, to be honest, because what if you got morning wood, and you gotta drop a couple pounds in the morn? thats gunna be hard as fuck cause you are gunna have to hold that pipe up, tuck it under and risk dismembering yourself, orrrrrr you can see how far back you can go on the toilet seat. this usually works unless you are american or european. if you dont get that, you are probably asian. 

guys, i know it might be hard to admit, but this is probably the hardest thing we gotta do everyday, wake up and go to the bathroom in the toilet when theres a perfectly good shower there. you can either go pee and not take a shower, and smell like man that day, or you can be efficient while doing 2 things at once, and pee while taking a shower! wow, thats fucking awesome, and if you wanna fucking make your world explode, take your tooth brush in the shower, and brush those gnarly fuckers, cause i know when i wake up or wanna go to bed, i hate fucking brushing my teeth, but getting in the shower and forcing myself to be around water for a decent amount of time will eventually convince me to brush my teeth. 

if this shit grossed you out, you should fucking grow up. if you liked what you read, make sure to check my blog daily for posts, sorry i havent been keeping my promises, i just have put out like 20 posts in less than 9 days, and i think that should be enough unless you love me, but you dont comment, i got a lot more things to discuss, but if you dont comment to tell me if you like it or not, how am i supposed to know? if you like what you read here, you might want to also check out my page.



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