Gym Class Today, And Every Other Week

today, we had gym. now today didnt start off so great. my sister and i had gotten ready for school, and we were waiting for our ride outside, and when we had waited ten minutes, thats when we started to question weather or not this bitch was actually coming.

turns out this mother had the audacity to skip us, and drive away. thats fucking retarded, so long story short, we missed our ride. so then we had to wait for a taxi to take us to school, which we had already missed a good hour of already. as soon as i get to school, the first thing i hear is you have to take your math test during lunch, so as you can tell, im pretty fucking annoyed, no one is excited for a test, unless they know they are going to do well. anyway, i do it during lunch, its not that hard, i finish in 20 minutes, but then we have gym after so then i obviously was rushed to get dressed for gym class.

as we are walking to the gym class, my friends tell me we have to do the mile run. now, i didnt know that we were going to do something like this, and i was so fucking cause i had just eaten like 3 corn dogs for lunch, and i definitely was not ready to run for a mile, and my butthole was certainly not ready to contain what it was holding back at the time.

so, we go out on the field to run. we start to run, and like 10 minutes in, i get tired. thats not too bad, i usually get tired 4 or 5 minutes in, but i was energetic enough to get through 10 till i started to jog.

as soon as i start to jog, my gym teacher starts to bitch at me for not running. i then tell her, look at me, im running, this is as good as it gets. she then proceeds to tell me you are dragging your feet. now when i heard that, i freaked out. i stared at her, and i told her, is this how you want me to do it, and i started to pogo stick run, which is basically running like a gazelle, and she was like, oh cmon, actually do it. i didnt care, i fucking started to walk. fuck her.

but this is probably a once a month thing. usually, we do “sports” i use quotation marks because we dont really do sports in this gym class. what we do is about 40 minutes of warmups, running pushups, sit ups, stretching, and then wall sits, and then for about 20 minutes of the class, we do the actual sport. i dont fucking understand how that makes sense.

there is a certain curriculum for sports, not for fucking stretching. seriously, the whole class is just fucking doing warmups. its fucking retarded. ive expressed this to people before,and they share the  same feelings as me, i just havent done anything about it yet, but i do plan on telling the principal that no one is getting any satisfaction out of these types of gym classes.

im not going to bother with a smooth transition into the next point in this blog, but during gym class, for whatever dumb fucking reason, we are not allowed to talk. for whatever goddamn fucked up reason, we are supposed to be silent at all times. i dont understand why, i dont get why we have to be silent. its gym class, like, arent we supposed to kinda like “work together” and “communicate” with our fellow classmates? nope, i guess. not even during team building exercises? nope, just stand there and do the activity silently. like, how the fuck does that make sense, you must be on one because no one in their right mind would say something as fucked up as you you cunt gym teacher. i bet its cuase she hasnt gotten a good dicking in a while, maybe she lost the ability to understand things good, or something. the woman is the devil, and shes fucking crazy.

if you like what you read, and or have any topics you would like me to discuss in the future, make sure to tell me in the comments. it means a lot. thank you for reading what i had to say, and make sure to check my blog for daily posts.


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