Words Are Words

i hate it when i hear people say fuck, and immediately after someone says, dont swear. jesus fucking christ, stop being so goddamn sensitive you pussy. fuck is a word just like shit and cunt and pussy are words, they shouldnt be categorized as swear words just because the general public thinks they are crude. who seriously gives a fuck. oh ya, the “general public.” 

its just the same as if i were to say shit in front of a girl, some one would immediately say, dont be rude around women. ok, if women wanted equal rights with men, they wouldnt continually complain and bitch about that kind of shit, and they definitely dont need anus holes like you to defend them, if that want to be treated like everyone else in this world, theyll take it. fuck is a word, just like shit, and cunt, and faggot, and pussy, and slut. just like every other word in the world. they are all the same.

the only reason people think they are offensive is because over time, people have used them in the wrong ways, either to “insult someone,” or for “slang,” when in reality, they are just words, and shouldnt be categorized as “swear words.”

for example, if you were in school, and you said fuck out loud, you would get in trouble, but why? why would you get in trouble for saying a word. its because of the way society perceives language. weve grown so sensitive to words. really, words. and then you hear about problems with bullying all around the world. umm, no, thats what the public says, and wants you to think. we wouldnt have a problem with bullying if kids grew up with the sense that fuck is a bad word, and that words like bitch and pussy are hurtful words, no, they arent, they are just slang, they are just words. people are so sensitive, thats why we hear about bullying so much, its because people take things so seriously now a days, they forgot how to have fun, how to take a joke.

you ever have those grandparents that just call you faggot, and shit head all the time? they dont do it to make fun of you, they do it because thats how they grew up talking. there were no restrictions, you could say whatever the fuck you liked. 

words are words, and should be treated only as words. not categorized as “swear words,” or “bad words” that gives people the wrong impression, and ultimately what causes bullying problems, that, and people dont know how to stand up for themselves. 


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