No One Is Healthy

we have a class at my school called health class. now, the “teacher” who “teaches” the class does a terrible job “teaching” and “educating” the students on health in general.

usually, she just talks to us about the topic we are doing that week in class, and then we have to take notes on it in class, then copy the notes into another health notebook form the book, which i think is just complete bull shit for a class we have once a week, sometimes not even for 2 weeks.

anyway, one lesson, and it would continue into three more, the “teacher” was talking about health, actually, for the first time she was ¬†talking about what the name of the class actually implied.

she was talking about how we had to eat healthy, we had to work out all the time, we couldnt smoke, or drink, or do drugs, because that would affect our over all health. we had to be in the right kind of mental state, as well as have a good social life, and have a good life at home, and be just all around a happy person along with being able to maintain a steady diet, and not drinking or smoking or doing drugs.

now, when i heard this, and over analyzed it later, i realized that no one person is really healthy at all. they could be one, or two, or three, or even four of the things i just listed, but no one person will ever be healthy, they will never be all of those things.

and when i came to terms with this fact, that no one person will ever be healthy with all these restrictions and guidelines that come with it, i felt a bit happier about myself. because before that, i had no had a stable diet, i would eat a lot of junk food, and i still do, i wouldnt exercise on my own, i wouldnt go out side and actually try to make friends, because i dont really believe in friends, ill talk about that some other time though.

but i felt much better about myself, and about a lot of other people because i know that they might not be healthy in the way of a stable diet, or working out, or making friends, but they are happy with themselves, they arent fucking crazy like a lot of people, they are happy with the way they look, the way they live, and thats what i think is the most important thing in the short time we have here on earth. its to be happy, not worry about other people, not pay attention to all the bull shit going on in your life, or in the world, but just to focus on your life, and what makes you happy, instead of constantly worrying about other things or other people.

now, i know that might be hard for some people, i know i struggle with paranoia and anxiety, and depression, but sometimes, i feel happy, and its in that small amount of time i feel more alive, more healthy than i have ever been in my life, i feel happy with my life, and my situation, i dont worry about other things, or other people, or the problems in my life, or other peoples life, im just happy with where i am, and what im doing with my life.

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