African Children, 14 Pennies, 3 Grains Of Rice

a year ago, i was sitting on my couch, being fat, and this ad for starving children in africa comes on. instead of actually reaching for the remote like a sensible person so i can change the channel to something thats actually important to me, i just sit there, and that is literally the worst single ad that i have ever watched. 

if you have ever seen these kinds of ads, they are the worst, if you want to risk hating african children, then watch, by all means, watch it. basically, if you dont know what these ads are, they show pictures of short little videos of children in africa, and how they have no food, or clean water, and how their living environments are really shitty. then, you usually have some washed up celebrity like hillary clinton or some bull shit, people who will do anything for money, you have them read you lines that were written to be read by a washed up celebrity to guilt you into giving money to this organization which will “donate” the money to saving these starving, poor, african children.

and what the hasbins try to do is to make you feel sorry for these children, and guilt trip you into donating money to the organization. and basically, all they ask for is like 14 pennies, and when they ask, they do it in a weird way, they say something like “for 14 pennies a day, you can save an african child from dying an awful death” the way they phrase it makes you think that they eat pennies, but seriously, just 14 pennies, it seems like a small amount, ya, i can deal with it, but they way they do the ads, the way they guilt trip you into actually donating the money, the way they make you feel awful about they way you just throw away things, it makes the ad seem like just bull shit. 

theres also a website called like 3 grains of rice and basically its the same concept, except, you answer like 10 questions on the website, and if you get all of them right, the website donates like 3 grains of rice to an african child. 

now, this might seem easy, but when you get to thinking about it, actually you start to realize that you are a serial killer. on those nights when you have rice for dinner, along with like chicken or anything that tastes awful because its food made by people you know, but on those nights, you usually dont finish all of your rice, or dinner for that matter. but when you are on the website, it says that for 3 grains of rice, you can save an african child, so if you are throwing away like half of the rice you put on your plate, thats like 300 grains of rice, not a lot, but when you think about it, if 3 grains of rice saves an african child, then the 300 rice grains you throw away kill 100 african children. 

thats fucking crazy, and it makes you feel like shit, doesnt it. it makes me feel awful, and when i tell people this story, and how i think about it, they literally just feel awful, and they go home and play the game for hours on end to save these imaginary, dying african children, and they never waste any more rice ever again. 


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