Pressure For The Future

i remember in 8th grade we had to do a college project. now, in this college project, we had to pick a college, and do research on it. we had to find what they average gpa is to get in, what they are looking for in students, how much it costs, what it looks like, and after all that research, we then had to fill out a college application for the college of our choice. 

a lot of kids chose colleges like virginia tech, or schools where you go to play sports for a year, or a couple, and then either choose to stick with the school, or leave early to play professionally. 

i had honestly no idea what college i wanted to go to, nor did i know what i wanted to do when i got older. so i was pretty fucked. i had an idea that i would actually not do the college project on a college, but instead doing a project on how i have no idea what college i wanted to attend, or what i wanted to do when i was older. i would explain how at a young age, i dont think its ok to pressure children into what college they wanted to attend. i decided against it, after telling my parents, btw, never tell your parents what you do, or what you think, or what you are planning on doing because they will never understand you, they will never trust you enough, they will never believe in you, at least thats the case for me. anyway, i procrastinated to the point where i waited till about 4 hours before school started to actually start the project. i didnt really understand it, so i did the best i could with what i thought was the right things to put down as the answer.

on the day of the presentations, i saw my classmates go up and present their projects on really expensive and really elite colleges, and i just looked at my presentation like, ok, i think its pretty good i guess, its good enough to me, so why wouldnt it be good enough to anyone else in my class? why do i care? its my decision anyway, its my life. so, finally, its my turn to present my project. i go up in front of the class, and i just talk about this college i really have no knowledge of. i just say list everything it teaches, where it is, what are the most common majors and minors, and im done. i talked for maybe 6 minutes, but it was just a waste of 6 minutes to the class, and to the teacher.

i really had, and still dont, have any idea of what college i want to go to, or what i want to do when im older. of course i have goals in life, but really none that stand out to me, or that would stand out to anyone else in my life, or that i care about. 

i dont think most people in this world have much of an idea of what they want to do when they are older. but more and more people are being forced to make the decision when they are younger, and are pressured to maintain grades that are very costly. causing them to miss out on a social life, and to lose sight of who they really are. and the sad thing is when they get to college, they are just burned out on school to the point where they cant maintain the high grades they were getting in high school, or middle school, or in elementary school, even. 

i mean, you can go to college for years and years for something they dont want to major in, and they arent happy. you could be living the life of your parents, and be unhappy. or you could be living the life you want to live, doing what you want, being who you are, not having to impress anyone, or anything, just being you. 

i would rather be homeless and unemployed with no plans of getting a job in the near or far future than unhappy, living my parents life, working a job where i dont fit in, and just all around depressed. 

if you like what you read, make sure to check my blog for daily posts, and make sure if you have any topics you would like me to discuss, put them in the comments, and ill try to talk about them to the best of my abilities. 


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