America Is In Debt To Itself

you know how a penny is worth 1 cent. if you have ever done research, like ever, on the currency in the united states and how the coins are manufactured you would know that it costs 2.1 cents to actually produce a penny, which is worth 1 cent. how the fuck does that make sense?

it costs 2 times the amount of money than its worth. america is in debt to istelf, and this is seriously fucking horrifying. with all the videos you see of the future, and how china will take over the world, and america will become completely obsolete, its evident that it will happen if this keeps up. obama hasnt done anything to change the fact that the country he is leading is in debt to itself, among other powerful countries, such as china.

the only simple solution i see to this issue is making the coins out of a different material, which costs less than whatever the fuck they use now to make them. 

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