World Problems, Equal Rights Between Men And Women

im really just always annoyed with people. im usually a pretty reserved person, but when someone is talking about something they have no knowledge of whatsoever, i have an obligation to interrupt and completely and utterly fuck their lives up with my amazing sarcasm and way with words.

you know how in class sometimes you do assignments or like little class work bull shit things basically something the teacher gives you when they have nothing left to teach you that week, and they just want to bore you with bitch assignments, and watch you suffer as they just lay back and drink their coffee, and relax. anyway, one day, my teacher gave us a little class work thing/question, and the question was if you could change somethings about the world to make it a better place, what would you change?

now of course since no one i know that is my age has a brain, just a bunch of fucking followers all kissing up, which is what you have to do these days. you cant be different, you gotta follow the rules, you cant think for yourself because you could get introuble, oh no, you have to follow whatever your authority tells you to do, fucking bull shit. but getting on with it, most of the followers answered like world peace, or poverty, or like equality. i mean all of those would be great, but those are such common answers for such an opinionated question that its really just like answering yes or no questions and always saying yes. seriously, what gets me riled up more than anything is being contradictory. and whenever the word contradictory pops into my mind, almost immediately after, feminism pops up. feminism also ties in with equality, but its more specific, pertaining to womens rights being equal to mens rights. anyway, i really hate it when i hear about a man getting sent to jail for hitting his wife, but i almost never hear about a woman getting sent to jail for beating her husband, but i know it happens a whole lot more than we know. i dont understand how a woman can say she wants equal rights for men and women, but still thinks that if a man hits a woman, its way worse than if a woman hit a man. i can understand that woman are what give birth to our offspring, but men are what put it inside them to actually have the ability to birth a child. another instance in which equal rights between men and women really gets to me is when a woman is very out there with her views on equal rights between men and women, but still objects to paying for a date. seriously? like, are you fucking joking here? if you are gunna b a gentleman, of course, pay for the date, if you are with your girl, you should at least go half and half on dates, but i certainly do not believe that men have an obligation to always pay for the date. its a touch economy as it is, and single men with bad social skills are suffering even more with all this money basically being lost to the women who believe in equal rights, but dont like the idea of paying for a date.

continuing with the question of if you could change anything about the world to make it a better place, what would you change? all the followers of course put the generic answer of just world peace and equality, which is all find and dandy if you are trying to show the teacher that you actually know what a problem is, but you arent showing them that you actually have a brain and can think for your self rather than just coasting off of what you know is a world problem. when im asked this question, i almost always answer it with ignorance. we have a huge problem in the world, and it is exactly ignorance. ignorance can sometimes tie in with racism, and the fact that people in alabama have been fucking their cousins for centuries that they cant even speak, but im not generally speaking when i say most people in the world are very ignorant when it comes to problems in other countries, such as in africa, or in samalia, and just recently ukraine, russia, and almost always libya.

if you like what you read here, and would like me to go more in depth with my thoughts, then just write it in the comments down below. make sure to check my blog daily for new posts. if you have new topics you would like me to write my opinions about, just leave it in the comments as well.


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