Selling Air

you know when you get a bag of chips, or a bag of eminems and when you feel the packet, almost always its only filled halfway? ive started to notice a steady decline in bag-fullness and have grown very irritated with the companies because they are ripping off their customers, and constantly raising the price on their product, thus selling the customer less, for more, instead of the other way around. 

the other day i was at the local, pretty much only, super market where i live, and i saw my favorite kind of eminems by the checkout aisle. when i picked up the packet, all i felt was air, and only about 20 eminems as opposed to usually being able to feel the bag a little more than half full. its the same deal when you go to the movie theatres and you buy a box of skittles or something, and then when you open the box, theres a bag with the skittles in it, but the bag is only half full, and the box is pretty much 25% of the total weight of the candy box with the candy and the bag inside. 

this is a serious epidemic, and we need to find a way to combat and confront these companies about the way they have been packaging their products. 

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