Respect For Those Who Earn It

let me just start off by saying i hate most of my teachers, and have little to no respect for any of them. you are probably wondering why. its because most teachers demand respect rather than earn it from their students.

my gym teacher is a reoccuring offender. she is just always on my shit, and on everybodies shit about everything. she has no idea how much everyone hates her, or she does and just doesnt care. but getting on with it, she just always expects so much from her students. everyday when she walks into class, she says good morning. i mean ya, ok, you had a good morning, thanks for infecting me with the disease of happiness, but then she just expects everyone in the class to say goodmorning back. i never say good morning because its almost never a good morning, but when not everyone says goodmorning back, she repeats herself, as if it wasnt really fucking annoying the first time.

ive never been the biggest fan of hers, and i dont think i ever will. she “teaches” my gym class, as well as the gym class for all the kids in my highschool, so i can imagine she goes through hell trying to control them all the goddamn time. she absolutely hates it when kids talk during gym class, for some fucking unthinkable reason she does, and she is constantly having to tell the children to be quite and that they are wasting her time, when in actuality, she is wasting her time, and not only her time, but the whole classes time, which prevents us from progressing in our units, eventually leaving the unit unfinished.

she also “teaches” my health class, i dont even think i can call it a class because she seriously just stands at the front of the class talking for the whole 40 minute period, and its seriously fucking annoying because she just talks. she doesnt teach us anything because she doesnt take the time out of her “busy” day to “teach” the class about what we are supposed to be taught. its hard to believe that i havent stood up in her class, and walked out before, its hard to even know that no one has ever done that before.

she has always demanded respect from the students, and doesnt care about weather or not shes a complete fucking cunt to everyone, just the fact that she is a teacher, and since she is older than you, and she has a job in a school that you attend means that you automatically respect her. no, thats not how it works, and if some people think thats how it works, then i have news for you, it doesnt fucking work that way.

if you are going to get my respect, you have to earn it one way or another, you cant just always expect me to tend to your every single whim and demand as if i was your paid servant. thats not how it works. and to make matters worse, the whole school is always on the teachers side, no matter who you talk to, weather it be the principal, or the counselor, you cant trust anyone or anything to help you in life, you have to get places yourself, you have to do everything yourself, you have to be independent because you can never rely on someone too much, because you will start to develop expectations for that person, and when you start to develop those expectations, you start to get disappointed in that person for never being able to meet your expectations.

i have more stories like this, and if you like what you read here, if you like the way i see things, then just tell me, and ill give you more stories about incidents with teachers demanding respect, or stories about me actually standing up to the bull shit, and winning. im not one for the bull shit, im one for the just in things, even if it means i get fucked up in the process, i want the future to be bright, not dimmed by the nightmares we experience today in everyday life.



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