Nothing And No One is Worth Waiting For

some people spend their whole lives waiting for something to happen. some people actually have the sense to realize that you arent going to get anywhere just my waiting, you have to go out into the world and make things happen yourself. it is your life, and you cant expect anyone to wait for you. 

i dont think anyone or anything is worth waiting for, but its the amount of value or meaning each person has to you that really affects the amount of time you will wait. 

just the other day, i got back home from california, i had been in the air almost 24 hours, so i was pretty tired, jet lagged, and just in general pretty annoyed and disturbed with people. so my parents call a taxi, and we wait outside in pretty much freezing weather, and since i had just been in california, im wearing a tank top, cause really guys, suns out, guns out. so we are waiting for the taxi for about 30 minutes, and i just cannot stand waiting for anything, or anyone, no matter who you are, you do not have the right to keep me waiting. i would never make someone wait for me, because i do not believe that i am worth waiting for. im not that attractive, im bitter, and i pretty much hate everything, and dislike everyone. anyway, my dad calls the cab, and turns out they had been waiting in the airport the whole time, and my dad was just too dumb to take the initiative to actually go and find the person, i would have done it, but i was under the terrible impression that we would have to wait for the taxi to get to the airport. so we have to go find the person, and as soon as we find her, my dad takes the time to make more problems when he asks the driver where they had waited, and why they are unclear with where they will pick up the customers. anyway, while we were waiting, i tell my sister that i dont think anyone or anything is really worth waiting for, not even myself, but its the amount of meaning and value the person has to you that truly dictates how long you will wait for them, and they just completely shoot me down. i really am not one for speaking my thoughts out loud as that is usually the case that when i do tell people how i feel about certain things, they just shoot me down, point blank as if it were a homicide staged as a suicide. 

anyway, if you think i have a valid point, and should go more in depth with this topic, just tell me in the comments. make sure to check my blog daily for posts, and to stay updated on current topics as i will be discussing controversial topics that strike me occasionally, and if you want to know what im talking about, make sure to stay updated. thanks for reading, it means a lot. 


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