Jared Leto, And How He Is Literally The Reincarnation Of Jesus

i dont know if any of you know who jared leto is. youve probably heard his name a couple times before, but never bothered to actually look him up. let me start by saying he is literally jesus. if you havent seen the man before, you should seriously take at least 20 minutes out of your day, because i know none of you are too busy to see jesus.

the man has the hair of a wild stallion, he is an extremely talented singer, and is without a doubt, the most attractive man on this earth. please take into consideration that this man is 42, can grow one of the best beards in hollywood, and has been in almost every super model on victoria secrets payroll. to be honest, i wouldnt mind him being in me for a couple seconds, but thats neither here nor there.

its no secret that jared leto is the reincarnation of our lord jesus christ, and theres no hiding the fact that this man is too beautiful for this world, but how and why is this man so amazingly attractive? was he blessed with life long brunette/ombre locks? were his parents literally angels? we may never know how such a beautiful god-like man came to exist, so lets just sit back and revel in his glorious beauty, because really, you cant get anymore amazing than jared leto. the skies the limit? jared leto is the limit. Image



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