I Don’t Believe In Dreams

i dont believe in dreams because a dream is something that is only in your head, something you cant touch. dreams are always changing, always evolving into something that is not so realistic giving off high expectations for the future, setting the bar too high, ultimately causing stress, and giving wiggle room to devolve your dream once you come to terms with reality, while a goal is more realistic in the sense that it is tangible, and its something that you can achieve if you do work hard enough.

billions of people set the bar way too high for themselves as young children, but once they get older, and see the terrible side of things, once they experience the real world for a while, they start to realize that you cant just dream of being spider man, or superman. you cant dream of being a dentist and not have to work to achieve such a role, because in dreams, its just instant. you dont work for a dream because a dream is a figment of your imagination. goals are much more realistic because once you set a goal, its there forever. you can change your goals, yes, but usually, you make goals when you are more so a teenager, rather than a young child. so they are more realistic. you make your own goals, dont let anyone make decisions on your life for you. its your life, you are the only person living it, so live it the way you want to live it.

you have to be able to be independent, you have to be able to be your own person instead of just doing what everyone else does, you gotta be different. instead of just coloring inside the lines, you gotta be able to make new ones. branch out, get inspired to do bigger and better things. dont just sit at home waiting for the world, go outside and take it. become the person you want to be, dont let anyone, or anything stand in the way of your goals, you have to be able to follow them to the ends of the earth if it means you will be successful. but in the end, all that matters is the fact that you are happy. if you arent happy where you are, go somewhere that will make you happy, because the more time you spend unhappy, the less time you have to be happy. no one will live forever, so just take the time to be the person you want to be, dont let anyone or anything stand in the way of you, and your goals in life. 

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